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Drawing upon years of industry experience and cutting-edge market research, we offer unparalleled expertise and insights. Our holistic approach ensures not just immediate success but also long-term sustainability in today’s ever-evolving market landscape. Partner with us to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and set a benchmark for excellence in the modern marketplace.

Discover Our Excellence in Real Estate and Investment Services

At Almonte Betances Abogados, we understand that every real estate investment is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. We’ve honed a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide our clients through every stage of the real estate process. From the initial conception of a project to the detailed management of trusts and permits, our expert team is here to ensure that every decision you make is informed, strategic, and aligned with your objectives. Dive into our service offerings and discover how we can transform your real estate vision into a tangible and profitable reality.


We provide expert advice and hands-on assistance throughout your project’s lifecycle. From conceptualization to execution, our team ensures your vision is realized while navigating potential challenges.

  • Analysis and negotiation with financial institutions.
  • Representing the client before financial institutions throughout the entire negotiation process.
  • Business plan in accordance with REA requirements.
  • Analysis and negotiation of financing offers from 3 financial institutions.
  • Capital structuring and evaluation of the capital structure suggested by financial institutions.
  • Representation of the client before the selected financial institution.
  • Business plan for banking – in accordance with the Asset Evaluation Regulation (REA).
  • Economic and financial feasibility study to qualify for CONFOTUR – under the requirements of the Ministry of Finance Law 158-01.
  • Feasibility Study to qualify under the border development law – under the requirements of the Ministry of Finance – Law 12-21.
  • Economic and financial feasibility study – To determine the viability of a project.
  • Preliminary feasibility to obtain the provisional classification of CONFOTUR.

Safeguard your investments with our comprehensive risk assessment. We evaluate potential threats and opportunities to ensure you make informed decisions that maximize returns and minimize vulnerabilities.

Gain a competitive edge with our in-depth market insights. We delve into current trends, demand dynamics, and industry forecasts, equipping you with the knowledge to position your venture successfully in the tourism and real estate landscape.

Understand the true worth of your enterprise. Our meticulous valuation process considers all facets of your business, from tangible assets to market positioning, ensuring you have a clear picture of your company’s value for sales, mergers, or strategic planning.

Prioritize sustainability and compliance with our thorough environmental assessments. We analyze the potential ecological effects of your projects, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and contribute positively to the environment.

  • Due diligence for provisional classification.
  • Due diligence for definitive classification.
  • Review and registration of the final lists with CONFOTUR, for both local and international purchases.
  • Management of authorization to invoice with a special receipt (without ITBIS).
  • Request for proposals and pre-qualification for general purchases, considering CONFOTUR regulations.
  • Interface with potential bidders to ensure response, address questions, and clarify any points in the quotation documents.
  • Evaluation of proposals and negotiation process with construction material suppliers.
  • Comparative analysis of proposals.
  • Procurement and subcontracting follow-up plan.
  • Supervision and monitoring of material purchases, contractual processes, and hiring.
  • Implementation of finishing controls on-site (kits for finishing installations, dispatch forms, detailed placement plans, management of agreements with subcontractors).
  • Management of the No Objection for land use by MITUR.
  • Construction License from the Ministry of Public Works/Ministry of Housing.
  • No Objection to Land Use from the Municipality.
  • Environmental Authorization for civil works.
    • Cadastral Research.
    • Digital Cartography using Drone technology.
    • Physical measurement of the property.
    • Area Delimitation.
    • Identification of protected areas.
    • Identification of the buffer zone.
    • Perimeter measurement using Drone methodology.


    • Real Estate Valuation.
    • Machinery and Equipment Valuation.
    • Ongoing Business Valuation.
    • Cadastral Valuation.
    • Opinion of Value Valuation.
    • Agricultural Valuation.
    • Artwork Valuation.
  • General supervision of the work.
  • Control and audits of measurements.
  • Work budgets.
  • Control and audits of budgets.
  • Schedule management.
  • Implementation of health and safety on-site.
  • Support prior to the constitution of the Trust in the analysis of tax, financial, and structural issues based on the trust figure.
  • Quotation procedures with at least 2 currently operating trust companies.
  • Price negotiation with pre-selected trust companies.
  • Analysis and evaluation for the selection of the Trust Company.
  • Definitive selection of the Trust Company for the constitution of the Trust.
  • Support in the review of the contract (constitutive act) until its signing.
  • Joint follow-up with the Trust Company on the registration of the Trust contract in the chamber of commerce.
  • Joint follow-up with the Trust Company on the registration of the Trust contract in the DGII until obtaining its RNC.
  • Follow-up for the opening of a bank account in the name of the Trust with the preferred bank of the Trustor.
  • Support and guidance during the pre-sale stage with the project staff in the processes of linking buyers.
  • Administration (construction development): Support and guidance in the review of the Trust’s semi-annual reports.
  • Support for any proposition, doubt, modification to the contract, and review of such contractual clauses.
  • Support towards the trust company until the trust is extinguished.

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